Archipelago’s flexible, multi-cover policy is sold only through carefully chosen distribution partners. Our unique distribution partner model has been designed to help you make general insurance a rewarding addition to your current business.

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Helping you build your business

For us to thrive, we need you to thrive. Therefore our goal is to make growing your general insurance business as easy as possible.

To help you, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art distribution partner interface – the Archipelago Platform, which you access online. It’s a system that brings benefits to both you and your clients. It removes much of the burden and cost of administration by making the application process simple. And, it shortens the customer journey and takes care of regulatory and compliance issues.

The Archipelago Platform is very easy to use. And it’s all you need to start offering our insurance product and make general insurance a key part of your business.

The Archipelago Platform makes doing business easier

To create the Archipelago Platform we integrated up to 14 insurance, compliance and demographic data sources - in real time - into a technology and data ecosystem. Now you can deal quickly and effectively with every client enquiry by having the tools to:

  • set up new clients, quote and arrange cover in under ten minutes
  • roll up all your client’s general insurance needs into one policy
  • email policy documents to clients immediately
  • access and manage accounts anywhere on a mobile device
  • identify new sales opportunities from one dashboard

Extra business with minimal extra work

The Archipelago Platform fits seamlessly into your workflow. It can be set up to mirror your company structure. For example you can group advisors together, ring-fence clients and give access to support staff. The interface is easy to use and navigate, with pop-up information points providing extra guidance.

The dashboard gives you the data you need to manage your accounts more effectively. At a glance you can see all pending policies or the total value of the general business you’ve

For new prospects you can fill in client details in advance and, once completed, a quote takes seconds. There are fewer questions to answer, and essential regulatory checks are automated. The process is completely paper-free, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors and omissions

Our Platform

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A flexible policy that meets more of your clients’ needs

Archipelago combines the insurance products that your clients need most - Home, Motor, Travel, Pet and Investment Property – into one flexible policy. This simplifies the sales process and means you can add risks as your clients’ needs evolve. Just one policy can cover couples, families, extended families and attendant staff.

Combining a client’s current insurance cover is simple. Your initial quote, which must include Home Contents, lists your client’s chosen risks. The policy can start with any chosen risk and the others are taken up automatically on the date your client’s current policies end.

At any time you can add new cover or amend policies with no administration cost to you or your client.

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Our policy also includes special features,
which remove the risks of clients switching insurer.

Our ‘policy coverage guarantee’ means their claims will be met to the sums covered in
their current policies

We cover their buildings and contents for unlimited sums, which negates any risk of
under insurance

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Only valuables over £20k in value need to be detailed, which will usually cover the vast
majority of insured items

Dynamic pricing means fair pricing

One policy also means just one price. Each time you quote or amend the policy the Archipelago Platform will instantly give you an annualised cost for your client’s combined cover and a monthly payment schedule. You can also set up their direct debits immediately using an electronic signature.

We understand that an all-in-one policy will be new to many clients. A key benefit over separate cover is having only one premium to think about. It’s why we’ve made sure that you can be confident your clients will always pay a competitive rate. Our prices are constantly benchmarked and updated.

‘Evergreen’ contracts remove the risk of

Our cover is issued on an ‘evergreen’ basis and is maintained by a monthly or annual direct debit. You no longer need renew your client’s policies each year or deal with the administration that goes with it. Clients no longer need worry about missing renewal dates and can be certain that they’re always insured.

At your clients’ annual review you can confirm any changes or identify any new risks and simply add them to the policy.

Our claims policy puts your clients first

Our aim is to always give your clients the very highest level of customer service. We recognise that when things go wrong, service matters most of all.

The Archipelago claims philosophy is simple and our message to all our frontline staff and partners is  “treat whoever calls as you would like your family to be treated”.

To make a claim in the UK your clients need just one telephone number - our 24-hour helpline. This connects them to a dedicated claims handler, who personally helps your client all the way through to settlement. We will handle each claim quickly, sympathetically and fairly.

We give your clients the option to manage and settle their claims digitally or through our dedicated team of claims handlers.

And, we require all our claims handlers to “ask the policyholder what is the most important thing for them”.

For overseas travel insurance claims there’s also a dedicated medical emergency helpline.


We take care of regulation so
you don’t have to

Our business model means we’ve reduced the headache of compliance.

The Archipelago Platform meets all regulatory needs for intermediated business and makes GDPR compliance easier for you to achieve.

There’s also no need for you to deal with payments. We collect the direct debits, which mean any client-money, collection and aged debtor issues are our responsibility, not yours.

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